Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Just before a winter escape.

These guys were made as a special gift for a very special wee lady
An enormous THANK YOU to the very talented know who you are! big hugs always x they will be treasured always!

a quick wee escape to see all our whanau in the south before we ran away overseas

beautiful Central turned on all it Autumn charm.
I will be back soon with our adventures to the fabulous Islands of Japan...when I have sorted out a few technical hitches!!!
hope the winter isn't getting to you all... stay warm, will be back soon.
Arohanui x

Monday, June 23, 2014

More Adventures over the Summer Time.

Summer time fun

out on the beach


3 mile from the Trig

Evening Kite flying

Harakeke seed heads

Lagoon blockage

White Fronted Terns

Its been just over a week, so I did ok? I Hope!

Hope you are all amazing and staying warm and dry!
Arohanui x

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Its been along time!!

I am sorry it has been soooo long. Life has caught up on us and blogging just didn't seem to be part of it! I did take a few photos of what has been happening. Hopefully not too many to bore you all??
hopefully see you soon with a few more more recent adventures!

Pet day...waiting for the judges!

selecting a special stone for Nana :)

a magic day at Lake Hawea

flowers from our friends when we arrived home ...Thank you you know who!!

another fantastic evening with Adam, Jess and Flora from THE Eastern

Grandad and M. out and about!

a new species of Tui!

Birthday Boy Thanks Marnie for the cake!!

Christmas Okarito style

Bread baked on the BBQ when your oven runs out of gas!

Happy boys!

I will try to get back soon with a few more before it ends up being the end of the year!!!
have a great week stay warm
Arohanui x 

Sunday, February 9, 2014

All My love to everyone in and around Victoria, Australia at the moment! Please let it rain!

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Crazy times in Central

Poor Mr R got talked into doing this...he thought the beautiful glass of Pinot and donut prior were probably not a great combination!!!???

I had to giggle at the small print??
I was just wondering?..who is laughing? I didn't think I should take photo's of the folk who sell tickets for these side shows.

awesome Central sky!

and another one ...sorry!

our visit is over...making a run for it before the Haast shuts again(looking across Lake Hawea  M.'s favourite place Bottom Bay...boy humour?).
Phew! we just made it :) thanks for having us, see you all again in a few weeks!

It is a mad wet day here today hopefully you are all nice and dry!
have a great week
Arohanui x

Monday, September 23, 2013

Road closures and wild weather

The latest addition to our walls!

one of last years Harekeke flower heads...can you spot the moon behind?

Tide ebbing

a beautiful piece of driftwood

Storm on its way!

on the weekend we tried our hardest to head south to visit all our families in Central...but the weather got us again! and the road was closed :( on the up side we had a good run around at Ship Creek and yummy sandwiches! plus bought some of Harihari's new asparagus!...I know where??? at the Fox store!! They are selling locally grown Asparagus yum,scrum!!

and something else to look forward too in October is Mr Sam Prebble and his fantastic band...Bond Street Bridge returning to Donovan's Store!
Thanks for the super cool photo Sam!
October 20th we can't wait!
Well I hope this crazy weather isn't turning your lives upside down?
fingers crossed for the week ahead!
take care out there
Arohanui x

Monday, September 16, 2013

Okarito Space Programme and a few other happenings.

Look Mum I built a rocket! ...Be careful Mr. R?

Putting the Flounder net out...Brrr I'm glad I didn't have to get wet!

"how many Flounders did you get?"

off to check the net again....Yay Flounder for tea!

Okarito Lagoon mouth is changing again! these are the remnants of an old attempt to tame the mouth of the Lagoon??? 1930's? 

I am a bit slack in posting about one of our newish members to Okarito Nature Tours! made by the beautiful Miss M (aka... little sister)
isn't she gorgeous? made mostly by upcycled coffee sacks(thank you C4 coffee)

Hope your week is going well
Arohanui x