Saturday, March 26, 2011

The Road South...

as always we start our adventures with food! but I guess you have already worked that one out!!!!

...and then it was on to one of our next small addiction....trains!..well some members of our family :)

its a bit sad that this gorgeous beastie is sitting on the sidings at the moment, hopefully one day soon it will get back on the tracks!!!

amazing big blue sky...a few of our favourite things, mountains, water and clear sky's!

no you can not take it home????....this was taken before we saw the little sign about a security camera and not touching the stag!!!! ooops!
OK enough from me for today, will try and post a wee bit more sooner, hope you are all having a lovely weekend :)
our thoughts are still with family and friends over the hill in Christchurch and of course Japan.
Arohanui xxx 

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