Monday, September 16, 2013

Okarito Space Programme and a few other happenings.

Look Mum I built a rocket! ...Be careful Mr. R?

Putting the Flounder net out...Brrr I'm glad I didn't have to get wet!

"how many Flounders did you get?"

off to check the net again....Yay Flounder for tea!

Okarito Lagoon mouth is changing again! these are the remnants of an old attempt to tame the mouth of the Lagoon??? 1930's? 

I am a bit slack in posting about one of our newish members to Okarito Nature Tours! made by the beautiful Miss M (aka... little sister)
isn't she gorgeous? made mostly by upcycled coffee sacks(thank you C4 coffee)

Hope your week is going well
Arohanui x 

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