Monday, September 23, 2013

Road closures and wild weather

The latest addition to our walls!

one of last years Harekeke flower heads...can you spot the moon behind?

Tide ebbing

a beautiful piece of driftwood

Storm on its way!

on the weekend we tried our hardest to head south to visit all our families in Central...but the weather got us again! and the road was closed :( on the up side we had a good run around at Ship Creek and yummy sandwiches! plus bought some of Harihari's new asparagus!...I know where??? at the Fox store!! They are selling locally grown Asparagus yum,scrum!!

and something else to look forward too in October is Mr Sam Prebble and his fantastic band...Bond Street Bridge returning to Donovan's Store!
Thanks for the super cool photo Sam!
October 20th we can't wait!
Well I hope this crazy weather isn't turning your lives upside down?
fingers crossed for the week ahead!
take care out there
Arohanui x

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